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hi you! 

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I’m Brosie, music maker + cookie baker.


I write songs about the imaginary conversations occupying my mind on a daily basis, about finding the magic in the mundane, about the all-familiar symptoms of a quarter life crisis and about the people in my life who came for a season, a reason or potentially… a lifetime?

I am apple-strudel-born, currently franzbrötchen-based and produce the heart of my songs together with rockstar Florian Brügge in our beloved studio, The Banger Bakery.

I'm a self-deprecating coulda shoulda woulda enthusiast with tenacious peter pan complex, a socially awkward death of the party, forever chasing the picture perfect standard.

Musically, I'm the child of Avril Lavigne, Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift and fell in love with 80s-synth extavaganza, fuzzy guitars and punchy drums along the way.


Oh, about the cookie-baking, you ask?

I bring them to my shows.

You should come!


welcome to the BROSIEhood 🍪



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Say what you want about BROSIE. She probably says it herself on her Debut-EP “Waiting to be Discovered” (Release: September 20th 2024): the tale of a “Coulda Shoulda Woulda Enthusiast” with a “Peter Pan Complex”, the delusions of a daydreamer dancing like the “Death of The Party”.

BROSIE skilfully unites introspective + witty lyricism, conversational pop-vocals, fuzzy guitars and 80s-synth-extravaganza to her own version of indie poptimism.
Who are we fooling? Her childhood heroes are apparent: Raised by Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana, BROSIE confidently taps into the world of contemporary pioneers Olivia Rodrigo, Holly Humberstone and Bleachers.

Apple-Strudel-born and Franzbrötchen-based, she’s grazed Europe in search of her true calling. She’s found it on stage and in the studio. On tour with Christopher, Gaz Coombes, Sir Chloe, Arxx and Friska Viljor in 2023, BROSIE has managed to convert new fans into her BROSIEhood. Her blueprint through it all? Finding the magic in the mundane.

BROSIE’s music is a journey through coming-of-age, reaching for the stars + getting homesick, awkward silences, body image issues and falling in love with strangers on a train. Made by and for forever teenagers, nostalgic optimists and perpetual daydreamers.

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